Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TV Channels Weekly Magazine June 13-19, 1965

Welcome to Magazine Monday (a day late, see the cashier for a refund). Today we’ve got TV Channels Weekly Magazine from June 13-19, 1965. The cover features “Al Hirt, a 300-pound trumpet player from New Orleans”. Al would headline an hour-long variety show running all summer as a fill in for Jackie Gleason on CBS.

Bettelou Peterson tells us her top picks for this week’s TV shows.

This one page Disneyland article is pretty lame. The cover claimed a “Tour of Disneyland with the gang from Farmer’s Daughter”. Well, the “Tour” is three pictures, two on Main Street and one in front of the floral Mickey planter! And excuse me but where is Inger Stevens, you know, the “Farmer's Daughter”!

Let’s tune in to “Walt Disney” on Sunday night at 7:00 pm on channel 4, in COLOR.

Saturday had a nice line up too, check it out.

Ed Ames, made famous by his tomahawk throwing on the tonight show.

Speaking of the Tonight Show, here’s Johnny!

Both dresses are awesome but the pockets on the blue one are a bit clunky, go for the gold one on the right.


Anonymous said...

I met William Windom in the early 70s while operating the Columbia. He was very approachable with only a special tour guide with his family. I don't think many recognized him as he wans't on a TV show at the time. So he was able to be just a regular guest enjoying the park.

Major Pepperidge said...

William Windom, very cool! He was in a ton of stuff, including the classic Star Trek episode "The Doomsday Machine"!

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