Monday, January 16, 2012

AAA News 1982 & Discover Hollywood 2011

Welcome to Magazine Monday.  Today's we've got two magazines for the price of one!  Neither is very good so maybe together they will make one decent post (don't count on it).

First up from February 1982 its the Auto Club News.  Nice cover photo of the Main Street station, why you'd almost think there was a nice Disneyland article within.

No great article here, just some park info and a savings program!

Interesting how in the early 80's this girl was considered "cute", by today's standards she's in need of a plastic surgeon!

Up next we violate the "its vintage if the year starts with 19" rule to bring you Discover Hollywood, Winter 2011.  This "doctors office" magazine has a pretty decent article about Walt's connection to Los Feliz.

Hey, they published the address of all of Walt's old homes, let's pack up the station-wagon and start sight seeing!

Fun map!


Connie Moreno said...

WOW!!! Walt sure moved a lot, didn't he?! Both of those magazines were very interesting to see.

JG said...

That is a fun map. Reminds me of old ones in other magazines.

Now I want a trip to Hollywood to revisit all the old landmarks there again.


Disney On Parole said...

Hey Tim,
Thanks for the Los Feliz info...
My "Hood"! nice to see all the info in one spot!