Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Three from July 17, 1955

A very nice blog reader recently contacted me looking for information regarding some Disneyland Opening Day items he has.  The opening day "Invitational Press Preview" tickets are rare, valuable and somewhat notorious for the tales of "too many tickets issued" leading to overcrowding and counterfeit tickets being sold on Harbor Blvd. The readers three tickets below look like the real deal to me.

The "Silver" 2:30pm seems to be the most common. There is also a "Gold" 2:30pm version that is good for your entire party (link).  I've seen the "Green" 5:30pm version once or twice. The "White" 6:00pm version is ultra rare, I may have seen one once before.  Jed over at "Vintage Disneyland Goodies" says he's seen an "Orange" version at Anaheim museum years ago (link).

If anyone has more information for us and the owner of these tickets that would be great. He's looking for the values and general information, me too!  Why do you suppose they had a 5:30pm and a 6:00pm, seems a little redundant?


Knott'sAfterDark said...

This is so amazing to see what the July 17th tickets looked like! Thank you so much for sharing!

Thufer said...


jedblau said...

The different times were to stagger the crowds and separate VIP guests allowed in for the TV special and those who were not. Gold and silver were the same gate time, but gold allowed the ticket holder to bring guests. Green, white, and orange allowed you in the park AFTER the TV broadcast.

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