Monday, February 21, 2011

Ladies' Home Journal - June 1963

Welcome to Magazine Monday. I hope you’re either a woman of can get in touch with your inner woman because this post is all about the ladies – the Ladies Home Journal, June 1963. Yup it’s a 30 page post, my scanner is smoking. This is certainly Camelot at its pinnacle; you can feel the hope and optimism in these pages.

At first glance this six page Disneyland article almost seems like it was photographed somewhere else. The photographer did a nice good of avoiding the usual places, there's actually some nice details here and some pretty ladies!

Great angle – I really like this photograph.

Is that Tom Sawyers Island the bottom right picture? The lady on the Bertha Mae looks amazing!

Some rarely seen details of the old Fowlers Harbor. That dress looks like a table cloth.

Don’t fear - that Maillot is not real animal skin, its 100 % nylon Helanca.

Add your own comments here.

Miss Taylor is the Return of the Femme Fatale.

A short article for the barbecue chief, aren’t these all still great ideas?

How cool is that den/living room? Guns on the wall, a built-in record player, carpet & hardwood floors, one of the coolest hanging lamps ever (you pull the little handle at the bottom and it lowers or rises while the cord adjusts automatically!) and an awesome Hide-a-bed in the exact color I would order.

There were so many incredible advertisements in this magazine that I pretty much scanned all the full (or two) page ads. I noticed they seem to break down into a few categories so I grouped them all together below.

First up – FOOD! I am so hungry after scanning these.

Coffee isn’t really food, but what a cool ad.

Next – Battle of Refrigerators! My grandparents had this exact model from GE. I remember them always having it. When they moved into a retirement village in the 1980’s they had it professionally repainted to match the new kitchen!

Next – Ladies Things… Great illustration of Natalie Wood.

Battle of the Bra’s!


Connie Moreno said...

EXCELLENT post! What a crack up...brought back tons of memories, too!

TokyoMagic! said...

Wow, those Jungle Cruise pics are really a hoot!

janet said...

Wow - what an amazing post. I had to put down my laptop and go to a computer with a bigger screen so that I could see everything!

Love the Jungle Cruise pictures - very surreal. Love the pink and yellow and blue refrigerators.

Thanks for an awesome post!

Major Pepperidge said...

Whoa, this is really a fantastic magazine! Check out the amazing fashion layout from Disneyland - you aren't kidding, I might have not even recognized the place.

Jon Whitcomb (who did the Natalie Wood portrait) is one of America's great illustrators - he was incredibly prolific, and excelled at portraying good looking people.

Thanks for all these wonderful scans!

JG said...

Excellent post VDT, wonderful subjects and locations. Love the ads and the food.

I have a den just like that in my mind.

We did have a lamp just like that which you could push up and down, the cord rolled up into a sort of pod. That would be worth hundreds today if i still had it.


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