Monday, July 27, 2009

Wonderful World of Disney Magazine

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Today is “Three for One” day, three issues of “Wonderful World of Disney” Magazine, brought to you by your friendly Gulf dealer. There were so many different “Disney” magazines it’s hard to keep track!

Up first from early 1969 its issue 2 of Volume I. These are certainly “Kids” magazines, with lots of puzzles and easy to ready articles.

“Fabulous Friends at Disneyland”. A fun look at the characters that walk around the park. 120 degrees in side those costumes, whoa! It’s interesting how this article takes a peak behind the “magic”, it even shows one of the costumes zipper!!

Each issue has a “Monster of the Month”, this month we’ve got one groovy looking troll.

There is also sheet music in each issue, anyone know this tune? ttfn..

And the back covers have some far out artwork as well.


Next from the Spring of 1969, its issue 3 of Volume I. The space program is front and center with long six page article, which surprisingly is kind of boring and focused on the Gemini program? If anyone wants to see it on bonus Sunday let me know, I take requests.

“Disneyland, a 70-acre clean up job”. An interesting article on the major clean up each night at the park.

Did you know there are ten different types of floor coverings at Disneyland?

This month the “Monster of the Month” is Abdul the Genie. Odd little story.

Hey I think I might know this tune.

More groovy artwork for the back cover.


The last issue for today is from January 1970, issue 1 of Volume II. The cover is a drawing by Disney artist Ken Anderson from the featured article “Sketchbook in Africa”.

“The Disneyland Band”. Lot’s of information about the makeup of the band, Vesey Walker (Founding Director) and composer-arranger-conductor James Christensen.

Here’s a great 6 page article “Sketchbook in Africa” by Ken Anderson.

I am totally digging all these fun animals. The crocodile looks like he belongs in America Sings!

This months “Monster of the Month” is the Centaurs Cheiron, fascinating modern adaptation…

I dedicate this sheet music to Dave over at Daveland, just in case he’s not familiar with the exact words… (The train is going the wrong way in the wrong spot!)

Pluto Says “Good Bye and thanks for joining us on Magazine Monday”.


  1. Thanks Tim - I'll be sure to print that page out and go to my piano immediately!

  2. Thanks for these, I think maybe I had some issues when I was a kid; they look vaguely familiar in style, even if I didn't have these specific examples. I do love that groovy artwork!

  3. Great magazines today! I used to be able to play all three of those songs on the piano! I haven't played since I was a kid, but I do still have all my Disney Songbooks.

  4. Ah! Yes, I had the January 1970 issue for sure... I remember that Centaur! LOVE the character artwork on these pages!

    Thanks for a blast from my past!

  5. could you please show more large maps of the park???


  7. My father was head editor on these magazines, George Sherman. He came up with most the concepts and articles. My brother wrote one story, Goofy learns to surf. I wrote about growing up with a father who was Head of Publications in the 1960s in a book published called "A Disney Childhood: Comic Books to Sailing Ships" Cathy Sherman Freeman

  8. Looking for the magazine where they talk about Disney WORLD being conceived and built